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What's New at AFSCME Colorado
Local 155H Rallies Against 4 Day Week
"When a kid tugs at your shirt to ask you for more food, or when he tries to sneak up and steal food off your breakfast cart - those are the things that keep us up at night." AFSCME Local 155 leader Anthony Peralta stood up for both his coworkers and all the hungry children of Pueblo regarding School District 60's decision to transition to a 4 day school week. Read More...
MLK 50 - Honoring the Legacy of Dr. King
AFSCME Council 76 went down to Memphis with some of our AFL-CIO brothers and sisters to honor the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King's death. MLK was a true advocate for all working people- in fact, it was a workers strike against unsafe conditions and poverty wages that compelled him to Memphis, his final resting place. Read More...
Local 1144 Fights Off Privatization!
Yesterday afternoon, members of Commerce City Local 1144 were informed that city council would be discussing privatizing the streets division. Our leaders in public works quickly organized a rally by 6pm, and AFSCME Local 1144 stood up to say NO to subcontracting. City Council voted no to privatization 7-2!! Union Strong babyy. Read More...
Women's March 2018
AFSCME Council 76 joined hundreds of thousands of Coloradans to honor the immeasurable contributions that women, people of color, and lgbtq community members make to our unions, workplaces, and world. Read More...
MLK Marade 2018
AFSCME Council 76 marched through the wind and snow with the AFL-CIO and thousands of Coloradans to honor the enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King believed that civil rights and workers rights were inextricably linked, and actively spoke out against economic exploitation, poverty, and right to work laws. In fact, Dr. Read More...
Help / Ayuda Con DACA
The decision to end DACA is unjustifiable. We have many members that could be affected. Follow the link below into your browser to see what rights you have, and what steps you should take. Apply for renewal before October 5th! La decisión de poner fin a la DACA es injustificable. Tenemos muchos miembros que podrían verse afectados. Read More...
AFSCME Council 76 Convention
AFSCME Council 76 members and staff had an amazing time at their biannual 2017 State Convention in Pueblo! We gained more PEOPLE members, added new members to our board from Denver Housing Authority, City of Denver, and City of Pueblo, and had the privilege to hear words of wisdom from retiring Cherry Creek Building Engineer Van DeVries! Goals were set for the future. Read More...
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